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Name:trevor philips | THE CRAZY DUDE
Birthdate:Nov 4
Location:Los Santos, United States of America

name trevor philips | age not fucking old | occupation deranged lunatic homegrown legend
"Kill strangers. Protect friends. Eat enemies."

Unhinged is far too soft a sentiment. Disturbed is a piss-poor, laughable understatement. Dangerous is just the tip of the demented iceberg you call your life. You're a field day for psychologists, a fuck-ton of paperwork for cops, and a nightmare to society. Everybody's got a different version of you in their heads but even those disparate images all have the same name: hell walking on Earth. Because whatever you are, whatever they call you, you'll always be mean, a bully, and selfish ... doing all the things that make you you.

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amoral scumbags, but not michael, fuck you michael, inopportune philosophy, maniacal rampages, obstruction of justice, planes, questionable substance use, spring dresses, uncontrolled drinking, violent outbursts
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